Online learning resources for the GED®

The GED Academy™ offers self-directed, cloud-based learning content to prepare students for the GED® test. The adaptive learning technology combines the subject areas into a personalised lesson plan that challenges students and keeps them engaged and motivated.

Diagnostic Assessment

The GED Academy™ is designed to accelerate a student’s learning with its personalised lesson plan, which is tailored to each student’s knowledge level. Students become familiar with how to answer interactive questions which are randomised so students can retake the test. The practice questions have been designed to be as close as possible to the real GED® test, using the same weighting to score results. For each missed question, the assessment prescribes a mini-lesson plan.

Personalised Learning

The online GED® instructional program features a built-in assessment that creates a customised learning plan for every single student, then adjusts the plan automatically as the student learns. No more one-size-fits-all teaching. You always know where you are on the learning curve, helping you to maximize your progress.

Increased Instructional Time

The online GED® content will dramatically increase your study time with computer home study, mobile study on a smartphone cellphone, as well as easy online access in the workplace or local library.

Faster Learning

What makes a student learn faster? One aspect is engagement. Once you as a student are engaged, you are absorbing material, not letting it just slide over. The Essential Education program is designed for engagement with virtual students in your class that you can relate to, and with real-life, practical application of the material. A second aspect is targeted learning and pacing. Students learn at their own pace with lessons tailored for them, and that equates to faster learning.


Every student license is valid for a period of 12 months from activation. The license gives the student full access to their own learning account that includes all the content required to complete the GED®. The learning content includes classroom-style lessons, reading materials, and quizzes/assignments that can be used on any computer, tablet or smartphone. The content enables students to learn at their own pace with lessons tailored for them. It is designed for engagement with virtual students.

SK Education Solutions is the country representative for Genio Technology Solutions, the exclusive distributor of Essential Education licenses in Africa.

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